A note for Little Lillian

– Lillian, Student in Environmental Management , 20 –

I’ve only recently stepped back to look at myself and this is what I’ve found out:

I am open, I can see both sides of everything, even if I believe in something really strongly, I could be convinced of the opposite.

I’m pretty tall.
I am sensitive, I cry A LOT, I feel hurt a lot, and I’m a recovering ‘sorry!’-aholic.
Also, I get mad when my sleep is interrupted.

I have decided to speak to my year 11 self, who has been in love with a boy for the past 2 years, has never been to a ‘drinking’ party and is feeling stifled and unsatisfied with her friend group. She is embarrassed by most things: conversations while standing up, her massive binders she carries around because it sounded like a good idea for senior school. Her athletes foot school shoes, her name etc, etc.


A wise old friend told me growing up is about becoming surer of yourself, and if this is true, I still have a heck of a long way to go. HOWEVER, just by wearing a hat when it’s sunny, even if nobody else is (because we’re out of school) or standing up straight because it looks better or admitting that you don’t like McDonalds or baked beans or exercise tights are all signs of growth. To ME! If something doesn’t feel right, it’s because it’s not you!! Trust your instinct. I admit we are a nancy though, we like to take plastic bags to festivals to sit on so our clothes don’t get muddy, and condition our leather shoes and take two towels when going away so we can use one if the other is wet. But…. whatever. Everyone else should grow up and take care of their clothes.


Don’t be embarrassed, but be joyous and laugh at our family! They are so classic and they are YOU! We are versions of one another and you shouldn’t be embarrassed because we dress different to others, because we have style! And they have nurtured and supported that style in you and made you into you. No one else really is as sensitive to your feelings and needs as Mum, Dad and Isabelle (sister), they are the only ones who will cry with you when a tree is cut down or a fish dies.


Boys are not the gods you think they are. Even though I have always been more inspired by females, primarily because I understand them better,  boys were these heavenly creatures too fine to be graced by my petty small talk. But I’m telling you now, this is not the case!


I know parties are thrilling when you’re single because of the POSSIBILITIES. But remember to let things like awkward conversations and weird looks go, I know it’s hard when no one seems to mean what they say as much as you do though. I don’t really know where I’m going with this but just think Luna Lovegood okay?

So, all in all, I really feel like given the chance, I said to my year 11 self “give yourself some credit, okay?!” I’d say, “your consideration of others is incredible however, sadly, as Dumbledore once said; ‘kindness is a trait people never fail to undervalue’”. So as long as you are kind to others, you must be kind to yourself. So ,that means forever.

Lillian (a few years down the track)

Words and original artwork by Lillian Norris
Artwork entitled ‘An Incomplete Star’


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