A sister soundtrack with Grace from ‘The Amplifier’ 4ZZZ

Telling people you love and respect (friends) what you used to listen to as a pre-teen and as a YA, can result in one of the following: 1. a stealthy but transparent change of subject  (“haha that’s funny, Jen… I could go a srs kebab rn you know HAHA”), or 2. an entirely iconic, but utterly ironic playlist for all said friends to enjoy. Grace from 4zzz Community Radio’s show The Amplifier, presents to you the latter, the playlist, the sister soundtrack. So, enjoy.

Grace 3.jpg

Phase 1: Pre-teen
Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down
Fall Out Boy – This Ain’t a Scene it’s a Goddamn Arms Race
Cute is What We Aim For – Curse of Curves

Most of the music I used to like was (regrettably) based around whichever artist had the easiest guitar parts I could jam the fuck out to on my acoustic guitar. That’s your Dashboard Confessional, your Hey There Delilah’s, basically your garden variety emo sad boi bands. I liked music that was ~emotional~deep~youprollydon’tgetit~ which is probably why I listened to a lot of dudes who, in hindsight, were just bitching about their girlfriends or lack thereof. As a sage 23 year-old I see this as the easiest way to relate to my male friends and male crushes, trying to be “one of the guys” because there’s nothing worse than being a 13 year-old girl, right? It was a concern in my VERY SHELTERED STRAIGHT CIS WHITE UPPER MIDDLE CLASS life. But at this stage I didn’t know what I didn’t know, these revelations dropped towards the Tegan and Sara end of this playlist.  

Grace 2.jpg

Phase 2: Pivotal
Kimya Dawson – I Like Giants
Tegan and Sara – The Con
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Pin

My best friend’s infinitely cooler cousin from Melbourne gave her a burnt CD with Kimya Dawson, Tegan and Sara and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on it. Boy were my eyes blasted open, Karen O’s fingers holding my eye lids wide to make me see the world in a new light. You could be angry?? And sing about SEX??? Awesome. Not that it turned me into a particularly audacious or rebellious teen, in fact I’m still waiting to go through that stage. The closest I’ve gotten is a nose ring and tattoo which my parents limply objected to. Even if the women in these bands weren’t exactly who I wanted to be, they were beacons I moved towards for a very long time. Kimya Dawson forever.

Grace 4.jpg

Phase 3: Present
Jaala – Salt Shaker
Angel Olsen – Window
Gabriella Cohen – Beaches
Mal Devisa – Fire

My musical taste has a lot to do with groups I want to be associated with and people or music I want to support for one reason or another. I like songs sometimes because they’re just fucking excellent but most of the time it’s because of the context of what else is happening in the music world, the actual world and my life. These ladies I’ve been playing lately are all singers and guitarists and all clearing their own way. I look at them as what you can do if you keep on trying, really goddamn hard. Because role models are important, y’know?

Words by Grace Pashley
Collage images by Anna

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