Pom gallery: the GODDESS range

The GODDESS range 

This collection has been created to reflect the power, serenity and prowess of love which women possess. In support of our chosen Sister Act organisation, Sisters Inside Inc will receive 40% of the profits from this collection.  The pompom zine is excited to share the work of the incredible women at Sisters Inside with you, and help you be a part of broader social change!!

Within the GODDESS range, each pair of earrings is named after a loving Polytheistic goddess. For example, Asteria, goddess of falling stars and nighttime oracles. Or Rhea, an earth goddess, giver of fertility to the soil, women and motherhood. The prices of the collection move between $19.95 and $29.95. Each is handmade, hand packaged and filled with luv.

To purchase your pair, visit The pompom zine’s Etsy store. We’d love to see you wear them too, so tag us on Facebook and Instagram to keep on spreadin’ that lady luv!!





Luv ‘n’ poms,

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