Zine time: What The pompom zine is all about !!

Good golly and hello, you’ve found The pompom zine! This online symposium dedicates itself to back-spacing negative social attitudes toward women, animals, mental health and refugees, one pompom at a time. 

Created by uni-chums-gone-glitter-bandits Shelley and Anna, The pompom zine is an editorial collage of their luv of gender, racial and environmental kindness and a srs passion for the pompom.

The zine’s discussion of and adventure toward social change occurs through the marbling of art, creative writing, jewellery making and zine-to-chosen-organisation donation. Every issue, an organisation with values The pompom zine wishes to promote will be featured, and a range of pompom jewellery or other pastel coloured knickknack will be handcrafted and put up for S~A~L~E !

For each zany zine item sold, 40% of the profits will be directly deposited to the chosen organisation. So jump in there and be pompom perfect!

We’ll write articles, make lil videos and interview Pompom Peace Promoters doing their thang. The pompom zine is a space for making the best of what we have, to achieve a better place for everyone. It’s a zine for brothers in arms and sisters in pompoms. It’s a zine for you, babeh.

Luv ‘n’ poms,
Shelley and Anna xx