Sisters Inside Inc.

The pompom zine is excited to announce Sisters Inside Inc as its first Sister Act campaign!

Based in Brisbane’s suburb of West End, Sisters Inside works toward promoting and providing adequate care for Indigenous women and women who have been in prison.

Their values aim to better the social circumstances of women from minority groups and critique social structures which challenge their personal choices. Sister’s Inside believe that ‘human behaviour is circumstantial, environmental, transformable and fallible’. Meaning in many day-to-day occurrences, people’s choices are driven by meeting the needs of their own health and lifestyle, and their family’s future.

The pompom zine, as a zine committed to and excited about social change, believes that an organisation that challenges systemic poverty, fiscal disadvantage and post-prison support, is one to lift up, shed light on and celebrate.

* Drum roll !! *

The zine’s first range of jewellery has been created to reflect this. THE GODDESS RANGE will feature handmade earrings, each named after a loving female polytheistic god. You can find them for purchase on our Etsy store, and even more info on our FB and Insta pages.

Take a second to check out the pompom perfect work going down at Sisters Inside Inc HQ!

Luv ‘n’ poms,

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 11.38.36 AM

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