Pom gallery: The pompom zine start-up

Hello chums! Here are a few pictures from the day we started the zine.

We decided on our name The pompom zine when I went to pick up Anna from the train station and a smol grandpa came up to me and said, “pompom” and walked off. They always say the best things happen when you least expect it!

File 23-07-2016, 7 32 26 PM

Pictured: Shelley!!//our craf-tea-party//vegan snaxx//90s vibes//lady love day

File 23-07-2016, 7 32 52 PM.jpeg

Pictured: Brain-storming

File 23-07-2016, 7 33 51 PM

Pictured: Some of the clay earrings we made


Pictured: The (kind-of) finished products! These are from the Goddess range.


Luv ‘n’ poms,

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 11.38.36 AM


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